LiteracySeed (LtS) is a Canadian not-for-profit education-based organization that aims to engage learners in Science Technology Engineering Mathematics - Healthy Lifestyles (STEM-HL) learning from all around the world. We believe that everyone, even those in the most abandoned, remote communities globally, enriches our collective learning.


Brief overview;

LiteracySeed will provide a physical space for people of all walks of life to learn from others and recognize their educational passions. Practice-based learning is a non traditional way of learning in that it begins with someone doing something then creatively building on it. Learners set their own learning goals and outcomes and modify them as they continue their learning journey. Failure is not possible as all loops create more opportunities to learn, build, share and so on. All individuals of any age, disability, educational background or socio-economic status will thrive with LiteracySeed’s approach to learning. Our atmosphere and environment is welcoming with no expectations other than learners come with a willingness to learn and share what they know. We believe that all of us young or old, rich or poor, formally educated or not, can and will, learn from each other.

LiteracySeed will provide the tools, equipment, and work space that will allow hands-on learning, problem solving, curiosity and innovation. From my own experience. I yearn to see others not


LiteracySeed’s core values and goals;